7 Tips For The Best Leopard Christmas Tree 

By Danielle Nieman

1. Best Leopard Ribbon

The right leopard ribbon is key for having a classy leopard tree.

Any tree will work, but this flocked tree shines brightly!

2. The Christmas Tree

3. A Sparkly Tree Skirt

Keep it classy and don't overdo the leopard. Cute Yorkie not included.

4. Best Leopard Ornaments

Mix in gold, black and white balls with these leopard ornaments.

5. The Non-Leopard Ornaments

Keep it classy by adding other ornaments into the leopard theme.

6. Add Fun Leopard Ornaments 

These wooden leopard ornaments are cute if you want to incorporate fun.

7. Bonus Leopard Christmas Decor

Add leopard balls to a wreath or add leopard stockings.