How To DIY A Doormat

By Danielle Nieman


Plain Coir Mat  – Painter’s Tape  – Pins  – Stencils  – Acrylic Paint  – Sponge Brushes  – Gloves  – Flex Seal Spray

Step 1:

PIck a doormat idea and gather supplies.

Step 2:

Position and tape the stencils to the doormat.

Step 3:

Let the DIY doormat painting begin!

Step 4:

Remove the stencils after painting and let the mat dry overnight.

Step 5:

For added protection against dirt, weather, and shoe wiping, spray a coat of Flex Seal onto the mat. Be sure to let it dry for 24 hours.

You can DIY a doormat for any season! Check out the ideas at the link.